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The Hotel was built on a site historically essential to Latvia – at the State Electrotechnical Factory (Valsts elektrotehniskā fabrika (VEF)), which used to be a manufacturer of world-class radio sets, telephone switchboards, and even sports aeroplanes before World War II.

In 1937, VEF became especially famous for the world’s first mini photo camera „VEF Minox”. This unique photo camera, which rapidly conquered the global market and became popular even in the USA, was manufactured here until the beginning of the war.

In the neighbourhood, there was plant „Vairogs” which was an essential car-building center at the end of the 19th century and became the largest car-building enterprise in the Baltics where „Ford-Vairogs” trucks and passenger cars were produced.

Two of the car models produced by „Ford-Vairogs” are displayed at Riga Motor Museum not far from the Hotel.

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